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Fundraising Team
Dorothy House Hospice Care



Design a range of physical and digital resources for large-scale fundraising events.


Concept and processes

Dorothy House holds a number of large-scale events every year. The major challenge of this brief was to maintain a unique and appropriate look and feel for each event while at the same time respecting and conforming to the organisation's overarching brand guidelines.

I made a large suite of materials for each event, carefully considering the audience for each event and for each piece of work I produced.

In the case of the Bath Rugby Walk, which was jointly held alongside The Bath Rugby Foundation, further complixity was added by having to incorporate two sets of brand guidelines.

To create designs, I used:

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Premier Pro



  • Posters, leaflets and flyers

  • Die-cut flyers

  • Promotional items e.g. beer mats

  • Large vinyl banners

  • Correx display boards

  • Participant T-shirts

  • Sponsorship forms

  • Route maps

  • Social Media profiles and headers

  • Promotional films

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