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Community Engagement Team

Dorothy House Hospice Care



Design resources for the Community Engagement and Volunteering teams to engage the public with the work of the hospice.


Concept and processes

'What’s Important To You?' was designed to be eye-catching and 

on-brand yet distinct from other campaigns. It asked people to consider what was important to them and then gave them information around relevant topics such as making a will, digital legacies and advance care plans.


I decided to create some striking patterns to give the project its own look and feel. These were all playful and totally unlike anything else the hospice had produced before.


The four distinct patterns marked each item as part of the campaign. Postcards and banners were used to attract attention and provide conversation starters. I also designed labeling for branded biodegradable pots of sweets used as giveaways.

I created this suite of artwork using:

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator



  • A6 Postcards

  • A7 Postcards

  • Roller Banners

  • Biodegradable sweet pot wrappers

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